129: Buns and lace

As the temperature continues to rise it becomes harder to find outfits (other than a dress) that are comfy AND cute to wear for a night out. When I saw this picture I was excited to see a new twist on the tank and shorts combination. I am a HUGE fan of white shorts with balck tops. These shorts have a delicate lace/scalloped edge. Loose tanks tend to look dressier and help hide a stomach pooch! Throw on heels and a large pair of Gold hoop earrings and you have an outfit for a night on the town.

Kristin's hair caught my eye. We are seeing so many buns lately. I love that it looks a little messy and not so ballerina like. Definitely trying this hair style VERY soon.


  1. oh I love this look! And the bun, I've been doing lots of buns lately now that my hair is getting longer


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