Eighty eight: Gardening

H&M is one of the best stores for fast fashion at a great price. The first time I shopped at H&M was on a Europe trip in Nice, France. My best friend and I hit up H&M at every stop. I honestly think we enjoyed finding a different H&M than we were about the historical sites. I love how each store has a different feel. In NY I often shopped at the Soho location because the 34th street location was always crazy! Plus they tend to have a slight difference in offering. Now that H&M is in California I visit frequently.

I fell in love with the Garden collection and scooped up a few pieces. Check out the line here. This collection is environmentally friendly. And the prices are FANTASTIC,

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  1. ohhh those were some fun times....we still talk about how my dad would park it at the elevators in H&M and wait for us for hours....love you!


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