Who wore it better: Reese vs. Jessica

Many magazines and websites like to pair off celebs that wear the same thing to see who looks best. Many times they talk about the way the shoes and accesories make someone a winner. I truly believe that shoes and accesories make a huge difference and can make an outfit. But what drives me crazy is that most times they are comparing people with completely different body types. Clothes look different because of how the fabric drapes and molds to the body.

For W.W.Y.W. Wednesday I am going to show a comparison of Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Simpson and tell you WHY Reese looks better and HOW Jessica could! A little twist to what I normally post for WWYW.

L'Wren Scott Dress

Reese and Jessica are both the same height, 5'3". But they clearly have different body types. Reese is more lean and Jessica is curvier.

WHY Reese is the winner: Wearing a Print dress is harder to pull off for many people. This dress is cut perfectly for a petite woman. The dress hitting just above the knee makes Reese look leggier than she really is. And since Reese doesn't have a large chest the print doesn't pull in that area. The split cap sleeve shows off her toned arms.

HOW Jessica can look better: Two things would help Jessica, a shorter length and a skinny belt or NO belt at all. The longer version makes Jessica look very squat. Her legs look very short and the dress should elongate her frame. If her dress was hemmed 2-3 inches so that the sheath hit just below her knee you would get a better look for her curvy body. Having a large chest and a short torso, clothing can make a person look heavier than she really is. By wearing a wider belt her body and her torso are cut in half which draws attention to the chest. Wearing a very skinny belt would draw attention to the waist which is her smallest area and doesn't cut her in half. I think that she should lose the belt altogether. She also could have gone up a size so that the fabric didn't pull in the chest making the print larger than the rest of the dress. She could have altered the rest of the dress to fit closer to the body if it was too big.

Do you agree with my observations?

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