Fifty eight: its a love/hate relationship

Oh Burberry.
I love that you have reinvented yourself.
Christopher Bailey has done well for the line.

But I HATE that you remind me of Coach.

The Prorsum line has been fantastic.
The runway Handbags have been divine.
But WHY oh WHY must you play out the check?

And then I fell in love...
with Burberry again.
After seeing this outfit on Kristen Stewart.
Don't mind Kristen...I was going to crop out her face but I couldn't do it. That is REALLY mean.
And I try not to be.

The SKIRT blows me away. I love the intricacy and details of the skirt. The jacket is phenomenal and I love the slightly different shade of the blouse. I need to buy this outfit.


  1. Definitely a cool outfit! Kristen is such a sourpuss haha

  2. Can you pick up one for me too?!? Gorgeous!


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