Eighty two: Harem

I have been intrigued by the Harem (some may call it the MC Hammer) Pant for quite some time now.

I was working in Utah last week and one of the girls had on a darling outfit. She had on a pair of Harem's and told me, "These pants are like wearing sweats to work."
So I ran upstairs and bought them.

I wore them on a date on Saturday with a pair of bootie sandals (?). I felt funky and comfy. I looked stylish and I loved it.

The pants
Seventy two changes $98

The pants actually run larger than images.
Which makes them cuter.
My mom and BF liked them...that is hard to do :)

And the shoes
BP 'Costa Rica' sandal  $39.95


  1. The pants looks cute on the models but I'm not sure I would wear them myself. I am super excited to hear you went on a DATE though!! Do tell me about it :)

  2. okay I was just thinking to myself today, would it be crazy of me to get a pair of harem pants?! I actually saw a harem strapless jumpsuit at Anthro today and thought for a split second of getting it, but I opted to get my jazzy oxfords instead! so excited to wear them


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