WWYW Wednesday: How low can you go?

I have not done a W.W.Y.W wednesday for awhile.

Watching the Grammy's the other night, I noticed that this is the one event that some celeb decides it is o.k. to wear a dress cut down to the belly button. We all remember J. Lo's Versace dress back in 2001. And Toni Braxton wore a white dress that had a slit to her who-ha and a neckline cut to her belly button. And this year, although tamer than those just listed, actress Kaley Cuoco decided to wear a plunging Nicole Miller. WITHOUT double sided tape? Really!?!

Here is Kaley in her dress.
Ignore her hair...it looked awful.

I don't know if I would wear this dress (Well MAYBE if I had a BANGING body I would)...would you???

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  1. I wouldn't wear this ever. BUT I did try on a low cut dress from BCBG for my bday and LOVED it but Ryan said it was too sexy ahahaha


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