What's in your wallet?

It is NO secret that I read blogs. A LOT of blogs.
Isn't it amazing how you jump from blog to blog to blog? Getting lost in the world of fashion and everyone's interpretation. It is like reading a GREAT book that never ends. sigh
Well I stumbled upon Megan at A Suitcase and Stilettos and loved THIS post
I loved it so much that I decided to copy her and post my own.
(YES...my title came from those old Capital One commercials. Fitting isn't it?)

Some of you have asked what I do to earn my $$$
I don't like to pubically state the name of my company (Not because I would EVER bad mouth it. I LOVE my job) I just don't want people to think that I write or share my opinion in conjunction with them.
This is ALL me, sharing MY thoughts and opinions. For fun. For Pleasure. To inspire and be inspired.
OK...enough of that. Just know that I am a regional merchandise manager for a Big Fany Retail Store and that I oversee all Handbags. YES, Designer too! SO I love reading anything about bags. Oh, and I travel. Frequently. My region has five states.

With that all said, my bag is a statement, an expression and an extension of who I am. I carry everything with me because you never know when you will need it.

This is my Handbag...
Marc Jacobs Crystal Stam. S/S 2009

And this is everything in it...minus all of the papers, receipts and old plane tickets.

What you see from top to bottom:
Row one: Bath and Body works hand sanitizer, Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock wallet, Prada 'Butterfly' sunglasses from Spring 09
Row two: Canon Elph digital camera, Rosebud salve, Rite Aid Cherry chapstick, Chapstick medicated, MAC lustreglass, L.A.M.B cosmetic case
Row three: iPhone, Blackberry Curve, keys on an OLD Juicy Couture key chain, Trident Tropical Twist gum, hairtie and two gift cards.

***  And the reason for carrying all of this stuff...Hand sanitizer because I live in airports and on planes. My wallet is so easy to see and purple is my favorite color. Sunglasses are permanently on my face ( I would wear them inside and at night if I could). Cameras because I always want to capture a moment (I carry a work camera too. I just had to use one to take my pics). Rosebud salve is amazing and I use it on my lips, for my hands and to tame fly away hairs too. I have an obsession with chapsticks and the Rite aid one tastes like a white cherry icee, and I am always on the go so I carry many cosmetics with me. My personal phone is the iPhone for all of my communication (and entertainment) needs. Work phone is the Blackberry. I must admit for emailing the BB is better than the iPhone. Keys to the car. Gum is a necessity. And gotta love the only two gift cards I have not used that I got for Christmas.

For those that care about cosmetics...

For the most part I am a drug store cosmetics kind of girl...
List from left to right, top to bottom

1. Maybelline concealer: for those random zits that pop up on the plane from recessed air
2. MAC: Gray eye shadow stick: SMokey eyes in 2.5 seconds
3. Loreal Voluminous mascars in Carbon Black: The best mascara ever
4. Loreal Lash explosion: Gets the inner and outer lashes and makes the eyes look SO big
5. MAC eyeliners in Purple and Black: For the bottom lash line. I have my eye liner tattooed on. I use for a dramatic look.
6. Mary Kay Nude lip liner: Hardly wear lipstick but this is a good filler
7. Anastasia Brow gel: Gotta tame the brows
8. Tweezerman Tweezers and Bobby Pins: OB-Sessed with tweezing
9. Brow brush and Shu Emura Eyelash color
10. ANOTHER chapstick to the left.

1. Neutrogena Mineral compact: I have very sensitive skin and Neutrogena products work the best for me.
2. MAC blotting powder in medium/dark: keeps that shine away.
3. Victoria's secret Lip gloss in Bananas: I LOVE the flavor
4. Mary Kay Lipgloss in Gold: it is very natural looking and pairs well with the nude liner
5. MAC lipglass in Oh Baby: a light pink color
6. MAC lipglass in Viva Glam VI: pretty raspberry color
7. MAC lipstick in Viva Glam VI: I decided to be matchy matchy. Still undecided on th color
8. Givenchy lipstick in Black Plum: MY favorite and I don't usually wear color. Dresses up any look. Love.

So that is everything. Hope you enjoyed this post. I do realize it may not be everyone's cup o' tea :)


  1. Love this post :) Maybe I will do one too! Except mine won't be as exciting. Can you believe I carry NO MAKEUP with me?!!! I know! You are a big MAC fan I see, love the support for Estee Lauder Companies! and how can I get your job? not steal it but one like it I would LOVE to know! It would be a dream come true haha. I'd trade real estate for handbags ANYDAY :) Have a great weekend!! I'm officially totally jealous of you lol

  2. I love this post! it is a Beauty fetish I have Id rather know what is in a makeup bag than anything else.! I share the love on the mascara and the Maybelline concealer. I think Ella's fav color is purple too. Taurus much? xoxo

  3. I'm so happy you showed me this :-) I think it is so cool you used to read my old blog and honestly, even though I didn't like the focus of it 100% of the time, I wish I hadn't deleted it!!! I seriously am going to redo this post tonight and do a new "What's in my bag"...and I'll link it back to you!!! AND...funny thing is...I still use the SAME EXACT BLACK PURSE LOL!!! :-) have an awesome day girl!


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