Forty NiNe: leggings

It took me FOR-EVER to jump onto this trend.
Leggings. Such a flashback to my childhood.
Muscular legs. Spandex.
There were many reasons not too.
But boy I wish I had jumped sooner.

Comfort, tunics, tall boots.
All great reasons to wear leggings.
Now I cannot get enough.

My favorite have been from Hue.
But everyone and I mean everyone has a version these days.
Even the denim companies are making their jeans, leggings.

My favorite have been the denim print legging (Not the ones that look like jeans. They just have the coloring of jeans. Complicated. Yes, I know)

And I am THINKING about buying these.
I know they are wild but look great with boots and an oversized tee.

Have you bought many leggings? Thoughts?

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  1. Love them & cannot get enough of them! I am considering buying a pair of jeans leggings lol I'm also wearing leggings with a shirt dress right now!!


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