TwEnTy SiX: Valentino Rose Sandals

LAST summer I bought these beauties.
Clearly ahead of the trend with a Nude shoe.
And I LOVE them. They class up any outfit.
And they are so comfy.

I will be wearing my shoes again this Spring/Summer 2010
With lots of floral summer dresses, and cute shorts.
I cannot wait for it to be warm again!
What can I say? I am a Cali girl at heart <3

The shoes are available again this spring.
In coral and Platinum.
I would suggest you buy a pair.
Go to Nordstrom to get your own!
In Coral and Platinum!


  1. Love them!! I'm dying for a pair of nude pumps but can't find any in my price range :( I have white & pink rose sandals and the totally just add a cuteness factor to any outfit!

  2. i seriously can't wait for spring/summer i'm so tired of the cold. these are so cute! i'm more of a bows girl though and already preordered the valentino bow thong sandal :)


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