twenty NiNe: Shoes, shoes, shoes

My THREE favorite shoes from Valentino that have hit the stores....

Every girl needs a chic pair of flip flops. I would wear these every day.
I contemplated posting the pink and the white pair but I knew I would NEVER wear them.

How pretty are these?
I LOVE the loops and the feather detail.
They would dress up any outfit.

I own these shoes in red patent...can't get more Valentino that that!
But I LOVE the sexiness of the lace!
Lace is such a fun fabrication and looks great with denim and dresses.

Yes, I know that I chose three pairs of black shoes.
Yes, I know it can be safe and boring.
But BLACK is dark and sexy!
And I am sticking to that!

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  1. Love those lace pumps and that they ALL have bows :)


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