Style Couple: Josh and Diane

I have slight HUGE crushes.
On Josh and Diane.

Let's go back to 1992.
 Joshua Jackson was in a little movie called the Mighty Ducks.
That is when my crush started.
Fast forward six years to 1998.
Dawson's creek debuted.
It was season three when Joey and Pacey dated that I fell hard.
And I still do.
I just cannot resist his charm. His smug smile.
And now his style.

Diane kills Fashion.
Lagerfeld's Muse.
Incredibly versatile.
Iconic, classic, edgy.
And she made Josh hotter than ever.
How does she have the touch to make men's clothes relevant?

I love the full skirt and his tux.
Casual cuteness. Her bag is incredible and he rocks a pink sweater and still looks masculine? Yup!
I think the unexpectedness of her shoe color makes her black outfit pop. LOVE his plaid shirt, tie and vest combo. So not expected.
The train is amazing and she looks simple and elegant.
Mister Rogers chic. Matching scarves and ray bans. Cannot get any cuter!
One of my favorite dresses on her and I LOVE lilac (any purple actually).
And his bow tie matches!
How many guys would actually do that? Not many.
Fedora's are the best! Loving the trend right pieces on both.
This dress was INSANE. One of the best of 2009
Hello Chanel!
They look like Greek Gods! One shoulder amazingness


  1. oh i have such a couple crush on them! she has an amazing style sense and i've loved him since mighty ducks too! i think it's great that they match sometimes - ha my bf actually enjoys matching his bowties to my outfits :)

  2. Loved him in the DUCKS ahhhh!!! Such a great couple, gorgeous!


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