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I am a working girl. I work for a "big fancy retail store" as a Regional Merchandising Manager for Handbags, Designer Handbags and Small Leather Goods. Love the big fancy title! Along with the glitz and glamour of my job comes the pressure. I am sure that many of you can relate. I work for a fashion retailer. I need to dress professional for my leadership role but trendy as well. It is so hard to look new and fresh. This season really helped with the boyfriend blazer being so popular. That one piece ties so many different looks together. Love. But that isn't enough. Lately I have been drawn to suits...not your typical  eighties suit (although those CAN be pulled off). But a more "relaxed" version. Fun colors, wide legs, loose shells and blouses, shorter pants and on and on. Kate Hudson has been killing this look. And Penelope wore her suit at the Academy Award luncheon last year. This is a look that I am trying to make my own.
The color is incredible with her Blonde hair. And I like the tuxedo stripe with the T strap heel.

Winter white: elegant and classy
Colorful blouse and a wide bell bottom leg. Nice 70's twist
Monochromatic ivory. The cuffs are more fun, less stuffy

What do you think of this look?
Is it attainable for the everyday gal?
Would you wear it?

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