Rachel Zoe

To this day, my dream job is to be a stylist like Rachel Zoe. Watching
her show, The Rachel Zoe Project, is like I am living vicariously
through Rachel, Taylor and Brad. There are not many stylists that get
to that level. And I think I was too scared to actually pursue that
I love the things that they obsess about and I have found myself
falling in love with styles and different fabrications that I am not
normally drawn to. Rachel was wearing a Missoni tunic on the second or
third episode and I am dying to find a comparable piece. Rachel is
obsessed with really high heels and I am obsessed too. The scenes of
Paris fashion week had me so green with envy, especially when she was
trying on the shoes. I died. Haha.
Fur!!! I have to have a vest or jacket. Seriously. Real or faux
whatever comes first! Sorry Peta but I need a real piece once in my
life. She was wearing an incredible white knee length jacket that
would make my wardrobe! I may have to break down and buy a vest from
her QVC collection. I will let you know if I do!
If you haven't watched an episode I highly recommend it. You will have
to catch a marathon on Bravo or rent it from iTunes.

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