I am saving all of my pennies

To buy this iconic bag

This Marc Jacobs Stam is from Spring 2009 and I cannot stop drooling over it. There are very few out there and this is a style that screams Marc Jacobs. It is a very timeless shape.

When I first managed Designer Handbags back in Spring of 2007 there was a pewter patchwork Marc Jacobs Stam with gold hardware that I contemplated buying and passed on to buy my YSL downtown. I kick myself every other day about NOT buying that Stam. I feel like this bag came back to make up for my loss. The ironic thing is that I have been going back and forth on getting this bag or the YSL Roady in faux stingray. I went with the YSL last time so I think I have to go with the MJ this time!

It would make me SO happy.

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