finally found 'em

I have large, muscular calves. A true blessing and curse at the same time. I get complimented on my shapely legs and I know that my legs look damn good in heels...which is only one of the reasons that I am obsessed with shoes. The curse comes when I try to buy boots. I have the hardest time finding boots to fit me and I have been DYING for an over the knee pair since we started seeing all of the fantastic pairs in the Fall magazines! I was cruising the Nordstrom website, like a normally do a couple of times a day and I found THESE boots. They said "new" so I knew that I had not seen them in the stores NOR tried them on yet. I made plans to head to Nordy's to try them on. Today. And low and behold they fit! I cannot tell you HOW happy I am or HOW much I LOVE them. Such a happy girl!

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