Focusing in on 2014

You know those moments when you know that you have so much to say but you cannot quite find the words that will do it justice? That is totally the spot that I am in. I have been quite reflective the last couple of months. I have spent a lot of time evaluating this past year, my relationships, where my heart is at, how much I have to really give of myself. I am a planner. I like to have goals, things that I am working on, working towards. So when asked what I am striving for in 2014, I have a lot on my mind and not sure how to say it.

I live my life without regrets. I share a majority of the good (not always the bad but I haven’t really had much bad in the past couple of years) with all of you whether it is through the blog or Instagram. I share my heart, my thoughts, my life and I am open and answer questions honestly when asked. My life is far from perfect but I am really HAPPY! It truly fills my heart knowing that people resonate with me, that they connect with what I am going through. Being able to connect with people over every day life, our fitness journeys, dating ups and downs and any other random thing is truly rewarding for me.  I definitely struggle at times with what I share publically. I try to keep it real but I have learned that there are certain things that I need to keep guarded and fiercely close to me (my love life being one of them).

I have met some incredible people this year. I continue to be very purposeful in who I let in, whom I become close with. I have found that surrounding myself with people that challenge me to be better while loving me unconditionally is the best. I am beyond blessed that I am able to cultivate these relationships and pray that they feel the same about me.

I’ve also met some awful people. I have seen the worst in others. I have learned that people are not always who they say that they are. I have been pushed to my limit, been tested and let go of a lot. It is hard. Painful. Humbling.  It also made me stronger, wiser and in the weirdest way more trusting and loving. I learned how powerful the heart is. I am so proud that I am continually getting better when I could let these things make me bitter.

It’s been over two years since I decided to change my life, lose some weight and incorporate fitness into my every day routine.  It has been such a rewarding journey. I still have not met my ultimate weight loss goal but I am healthy (like cleared of so many issues healthy), fit and happy. I have a work out partner, accountability and use my workouts to relieve stress. It is an amazing outlet and I am beyond thankful for all of the support.

My professional life really came together at the end of 2013. I am involved in some incredible projects. I have been given more responsibility with Pollinate Media and I am so excited with my future with this company. I also got back into Fashion and began selling Stella and Dot jewelry, which I love doing. I am consulting for a non-profit, giving back and that feels incredible. And I still have this blog and se some exciting things happening here. I am busy, striving and still have freedom to just live.

With that said, let's summarize the last two years. In 2012 I made A LOT of changes in my life. I focused on me for the first time ever. 2013 was all about maintaining changes, cultivating relationships and having a lot of fun. I set many goals and I accomplished most of them. Although after May I think I completely forgot what they were. (You can read last year's post here). 2014 feels like it is going to be my break out year. Instead of sharing goals and setting New Years resolutions, I am going to share a word that will describe where my focus will be in my personal life, professional life and my physical/fitness journey. 

My word for my personal life is Purposeful.

I want to be purposeful in the decisions that I make, the people I let into my life, the relationships I cultivate and how much I give of myself.

My word for my professional life is Balance.

My professional life is made up of four "jobs" that I truly love! It has taken a couple years to get to the place but it has all come together. I need to stay balanced in my time management, in the way that I think (business minded vs. entrepreneurial spirit) and with the projects I take on.

Physical/Fitness Journey
My word for my physical/fitness journey is Disciplined.

My fitness journey really is a habit at this point. I work out for my mental health just as much as my physical health. I work out 4-5 times a week, I lift, I seek appropriate counsel when I hit a plateau or need motivation but I would never call myself disciplined in this area. I need to hone in on my diet, really tailor my work outs for definition and stay focused on my ultimate goal.

 Whatever you decide to do in 2014, I wish you all of the best! I am so thankful for all of you that care, follow along and pretend that my life is way more interesting than it really is! ;) Haha.

Let's go out and make the most of the time we are given! Choose to be happy, fight for what you love and never settle!


10 Reasons Why I am a Shitastic {Personal Style} Blogger

There is no doubt that I have been a shitty blogger lately. Call it what you want but I have been completely uninspired and retreating just a bit. I also think that Instagram is just way easier to share blurbs and pictures. So in a way #instagramatemyblog. Aaannnnnddd I have spent months, no joke, months, trying to figure out what I want from my blog. The voice I want to use. Content I want to share. How I want to grow. A whole mumble jumble of thoughts that I can't eloquently put together. So. There's that.

So what better way to begin blogging again than with a list of why I am a Shitastic Blogger. Now I cannot take credit for the idea behind this post (uninspired, remember?). I read blogs for a living and came across this post from Kym of Travel Babbles. I am going to go ahead and call Kym a genius. Haha. Because that ONE post actually got me thinking and writing again. ;)

Why I am a Shitastic {Personal style} Blogger

1. I HATE taking selfies and pics of myself. 

2. I also have the HARDEST time self promoting

3. I am SO over the arm parties. I like a couple bracelets. But 10 or 12? Why?

4. I own NOTHING from J. Crew and don't think that Jenna Lyons is that creatively forward. (I am going to get hate mail for this one)

5. I don't post outfits that I actually never wore. And most days I wear work out clothes now that I work from home. 

6. My shopping like a pro days are totally over. But I do know that the cool "blogger shoes" are the Rockstud Valentino's. Which I would buy. And Rock. Especially in the leopard print. But I don't have money for that!

7. I haven't bought a fashion magazine in months. Not even September issues. And I used to be addicted.

8. It irks me that everyone thinks they can be a style blogger because they get dressed everyday or bought a trendy item. (that just makes me sound mean. I know. I am really not though. Sometimes I wonder why I try to be one too.)

9. I don't really like blazers, stacked heels or kitten heels (even when they have a designer label).

10. I hate that {it seems like} no one knows the difference between Fashion Bloggers and Personal Style bloggers (and that some are both).

Well friends, I am back. To an extent. I have missed this online community and interacting with you all! Please let me know what you think!

I also have some outfit posts to share.
Crazy, I know!


What I Wore: The Seventies called...

...and they totally want their pants back!

I went out on a limb here. These pants are a little out there but I kind of love them, a lot. The printed pant and the pajama pant is totally in right now. I do think it is a tough look to pull off. And I totally think that I will be able to style these a little better when it gets a little cooler. We shall see.

Since the pants are loud (and they are kind of silky and stretchy making you feel like you are wearing nothing) I went with a basic white tee and some seveties looking platforms. It is basic up top and a total explosion of Seventies sass on the bottom.

How are you feeling about this trend?

Will you be trying some printed pants this Fall?

The Seventies called

 What I Wore:

Tee: My favorite tee ever from Target, Mossimo BF V Neck
Heels: Jessica Simpson, OLD

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Currently Crushing

Happy Friday, friends!
Just wanted to pop on really quickly to share some items that I am currently crushing on. I have been online browsing shopping and these pieces all need to make their way into my closet. Asap!

I am headed out to celebrate one of my BFF's birthdays and headed to a concert. The usual! Haha. Hope you all have an incredible weekend!

 Kimonos are the easiest thing to throw on and I love the detailing in this one! You can wear it with any color shirt and it will look good! I would size down on this piece as a lot of fabric can overwhelm your body and make it look larger than you are! I bought this in the small/medium! 

  I have been dying to buy a new watch. I am loving emerald and the face of this watch is gorgeous! Plus emerald is my birth stone so I feel like I have a special bond to it. Haha. I love the simplicity and the crystals in place of numbers.

 Coated denim is all the rage, this season. I don't like to spend a ton of money on really trendy pieces. I have been a fan of Old Navy denim for a long time. These fit great, I did NOT size up like the reviews say online. I tried on my normal Old Navy size and they fit perfectly.

 Who doesn't love neutrals and animal print? I know I am a sucker! This blouse is so perfect for Fall and very versatile. I can picture so many outfits in my head wearing this pretty blouse!

 Another basic to add to your closet. I am always looking for the perfect blouse to throw on. This is woven and not a tee, which I LOVE. Throw on a scarf and you will look super polished and cute!

 Perfect. Black. Wedges.
Need I say more? Ok, I will. This is a very similar style to the nude wedges I have worn over and over and over again. You can dress these up or down. They look good with dresses, shorts, jeans, anything. I think everyone needs to own these!

Happy Shopping!


What I Wore: Melon

Happy Tuesday!
My weeks have been busy and my weekend's a bit slower which is a weird, yet great, thing to have happen! I am still struggling to have reasons to really get dressed up. This look is from a few week's back but is perfect as it is starting to cool just a bit.

I fell in love with these jeans while working {shortly} at Nordy's this Summer. They are the perfect amount of stretch and I feel like I cannot buy anything else anymore. This is a problem. Haha. Paired with a basic blouse and my black heels this makes my jeans look a tad bit dressier. I am still obsessed with camo and I love the girly touch of the melon stripe. Makes the look all come together.


What I Wore:

Top: BP, no longer available (similar, similar in Fall colors)
Jeans: J Brand (similar)
Shoes: Zara, no longer available (very similar)
Scarf: from local boutique (same scarf with yellow stripe)
Sunnies: Kiki La'Rue "Becka's Shades"
Earrings: Kate Spade

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What I Wore: Red All Over

Starbucks has politely told me that it is "Fall". I'm suddenly down an extra $25 bucks a week buying those dang PSL's, iced, because it is still too dang hot here in So Cal. While other parts of the country are starting to feel the weather cool down, we are just now hitting our 'Summer'. But it is never too early to start thinking about how I can transition my Summer pieces to wear in the Fall. 

One piece that I consistently wore all summer were my maxi dresses. It is seriously the easiest and most comfortable thing to wear day in and day out. You look "dressed" with one piece. Serious no brainer. I also wear flip flops pretty much every day. My feet are claustrophobic I tell you! Well the other day it was 78. That is Fall weather for sure! So I wore a scarf with my strapless maxi and flip flops. Perfect. Lol. The easiest way I can think of transitioning my dress for Fall is to throw on a jacket (I may have pushed it a little with the leather jacket. I sweated to death) and chose booties instead of flip flops. I took the look from Summer to Fall by adding two pieces. I am sure that I will have some other combos to share with you in the next few weeks so I will wait to share the rest of my styling tips ;) In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this look. I think I look like a Bad Ass. LOL. That doesn't happen often!

Red All Over

What I Wore:

Scarf: Nordstrom, older (similar)
Booties: Sam and Libby 'Paxton' (completely obsessed!!!)
Sunnies: Ray Ban 'Large' Aviator (I have prescription lenses in mine which make them darker)


What I Wore: Ruffled Shorts

Hey! Hi! Remember me?!?
I am averaging about one post a month, awesome! Does that still make me a blogger? I can say that life is crazy busy but that is nothing new. I will say that I wear pajamas and work out clothes waaayyyyy more often than I would like to admit. That kind of makes style blogging hard. I have also been working and planning behind the scenes on how/where I want this blog to go and what that actually looks like. So while I may not be super present here, this blog is not far from my thoughts! I think that some great things will happen here. SOON!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I LOVE you more than words can say!
(had to throw that in)

You all {should} know that I am a not the girliest dresser ever. I tend to mix my casual and dressier pieces together, a lot. I loved pairing my neon sweatshirt with these ruffled shorts (I love these shorts but paired with the wrong top can totally look like something my 1 year old niece would wear). I added some glitz with the necklace and wore neutral wedges to make my legs look LONG! I love how this look came together. It is perfect for the California nights as Summer turns to Fall.

Ruffled Shorts

What I Wore:

Sweatshirt: Gap, old (similar)
Wedges: 7 for all Mankind, old (similar)
Necklace: Tasha, old (similar, fun option, great price)
Bracelets: Kendra Scott 'Lucca' bangles 

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What I Wore: Orange you glad?

Happy Monday!

I cannot keep up with how quickly time is passing. My niece turns One today and we celebrated her birthday last Sunday. This year flew by. She is such a precious baby girl and I love her so much! 

I feel so blessed that I get to be an Auntie to these precious babes!

I mentioned that one of my best friend's was getting married in Nor Cal. Since my parents live on the Central Coast I drove up to stay with them for a night on the way to the wedding. Then the party was on Sunday so I was able to attend and stay the night before heading home on Monday. I am so glad it all worked out for me to be a part of so many loved ones special days!

I wore this outfit on the drive up to see my family. I knew I would be getting there and that we would be headed straight to dinner so I wanted to be comfortable yet cute. This skirt is stretchy so it was easy to throw on. Due to it being on the shorter, tighter side AND that it was so bright I wanted to pair it with something looser on top. My chambray was the perfect top to keep the look a little more casual while complementing the color. I threw on my go to sandals in leopard to give some texture and a random pop. I like how it all came together!

What I Wore:

Top: Gap, no longer online (Similar, Try this Men's version from Target)


What I Wore: Black and White

Summer's fun and the livings easy!
Especially when it comes to dressing.

I have a big weekend ahead of me. One of my bestest is getting married!
I am so excited for her and I just know that the wedding is going to be beautiful. Hopefully I will be getting a couple outfit shoots in!

This look makes a statement with just two pieces. If it isn't a maxi dress than I am pulling on a maxi skirt (or my cutoffs but I am sure you are sick of seeing those if you follow me on Instagram). I love how flattering this skirt is. The chevron gives me shape and pairing it with a drapey tank means that I have room to breathe! I threw on flat studded sandals and a basic pendant. 

Black and White

What I Wore:

Tank: Mossimo, old (similar and super cheap)
Sandals: Shoemint

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What I Wore: Snakey

Well, well, well.
 This look was quite popular with y'all on Instagram.
Which made me SO happy because I am kind of obsessed with it. It is seriously so cute but comfy. I love that!

I think that kimonos can be harder to wear. You have to be careful of the length, where it hits on your body and that it is not too oversized. I am wearing a small/medium and I have never worn that size. I am a HUGE lover of animal print, especially in neutral colors. This piece was a no brainer. I think I have at least 6 pairs of cut offs at this point. I wear them almost daily. I wore  flip flops with the look to run errands and threw on the wedges for dinner. Super versatile!


What I Wore:

Kimono: Kirious from BP at Nordy's (not online yet but here is a great selection)
Tank: BP cami
Shorts: Old Navy, Old (similar)
Necklace: Stella and Dot
Earrings: Kendra Scott 'Karina'  


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